How are your Childhood Journals different to a baby book?

A baby book only covers the first year of your child's life and, often, does not even include pregnancy. Our Journals recognise that parents will want to remember many things beyond the first 12 months. They cover from pregnancy to your child's eighteenth birthday, with the prompt questions adapting to each stage of their childhood. The Journal then makes the perfect gift to your child upon completion.


What are the contents of the Childhood Journals?

The main chapters of our Childhood Journals are as follows:

  • Before You Arrived (details on parents, siblings, a family tree, scans and pregnancy)

  • Your Birth (including an account from the parents, vital statistics and space for a hand and footprint)

  • Your First Year (with a double page spread per month, plus a page for the first birthday)

  • Years Two - Ten (quarterly check-ins, plus a page for each birthday)

  • Years Eleven - Eighteen (three pages per year)

  • Memories and Milestones (including the recording of baby and toddler 'Firsts', favourite family holidays, and first days at Primary and Secondary school)

  • Notes (free flow space for additional thoughts)

We know that parents are busy people, so every page of our Journal is designed for ease. On average, each entry takes five - ten minutes to complete - the perfect nap time activity!

Can I start the Childhood Journal if my child is no longer a newborn?

Most definitely! Our Month of Sundays Childhood Journals were created due to our desire to have somewhere record memories of our daughter's whole childhood once we had completed a first year baby book.

We suggest you start at the age your child is currently and then work backwards to fill in any earlier sections in your own time.


Is there space for photos in the Journals?

Yes, plenty! We know that photos are an important part of memory keeping, so have made sure that there is plenty of space for affixing photos in each section of both our Childhood and Travel Journals. We recommend that you use photo dots, double sided tape or acid free masking tape for affixing photos.


Are your Childhood Journals suitable for same-sex couples or single parents?

We are proud to be able to answer yes to this question. When designing our Childhood Journals, we very consciously omitted any mention of ‘mummy’, ‘daddy’, ‘mother’ or ‘father’. We wanted to recognise parenthood as completely inclusive; no family looks the same and we believe that love is love, in any and every form.


How many destinations can fit in your Travel Journals?

Our Travel Journals have been carefully designed to suit all types of travel: family trips, weekends away, round-the-world adventures and more. The Journal can fit in up to ten 'Destinations' with space for multiple locations within each of those.